Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Battle Report

I have been asked about how the quarry game went.

Marines did well at start due to their high training factor and morale. Opening shots with TOW launchers killed 5 Soviet tanks with 6 shots. In fact the first wave of Soviets were annihilated. However Paul had bought a regiment of cheap conscripts and these were the first wave and acted as a human shield for the better troops following up. In the end it was a close draw.

We hadn't played the rules for a while and it was the first time we had used the Marines. Usually we play tank heavy and so it will take some time to get used to using a heap of high quality infantry running around in Humvees. I think the tank ratio was 9 US vehicles (a battalion) vs 50+.

I think it will take some  to learn how to best use my Marines. In Multi Player games we usually have 10,000 pts plus 500 for support. I think a few 1 on 1 games at lower points will hone my skills.

The highlight for me was the US airstrike. FFT3 has an almost narrative approach. The plane entered our edge and you look on a table considering our quality minus factors such as anti air, height etc and a dice roll. The result was that the pilot veered off at the last moment but dropped his bombs before he did so. The result was a close miss on a PT76 crossing a small lake . A pity because it would have been the first Us Air Force plane to SINK a tank!

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